May 23, 2009

Garrett's First Birthday


Garrett is now a year old. Each month, I have traditionally chronicled his latest milestones and recent development, so I will start off there. I am most happy to post that after almost a full year of waking in the middle of the night (several times, mind you), Garrett finally sleeps through the night--and I'm talking from 8:00 pm through 6:30 am! That, in of itself, is worth a celebration, but as an added bonus, he has decided to have structured, predictable naps during the day from 9:00-10:30 am and again from 1:00-3:30 pm. Yes, I am in heaven! This has been going on for three or four weeks now. Thank goodness his cutting two more top teeth hasn't messed up the lovely new routine.

Garrett likes to quietly explore. His favorite room in the house seems to be the bathroom. We have had to be careful to keep the doors shut, because as soon as Garrett detects a security breech, he is right there standing at the toilet, poised to splash in the water (if he's lucky enough to have the seat left up) or pull the toilet paper off the roll. Another thing he likes to do is pull the kitchen towel off the oven. I can't begin to count how many times a day I have to pick that thing up! He crawls quickly and loves to walk along furniture. It will not be long before he begins to walk. Yes, I definitely have my hands full!

Garrett's Birthday Party

We had family over in the evening for a Care Bear themed birthday party (well, actually only the invitations and cakes had something to do with Care Bears, but whatever). He never really got the whole gift opening concept. That was okay. Spencer was happy to make sure all wrapping paper was removed. He got lots of wonderful gifts and fun things to be strewn across all floors of our house. After opening gifts, we watched Garrett's birthday video.

Time for the Cake

One of our traditions is to allow each child to eat their very own cake for their first birthday. It's usually quite the spectacle, but Garrett performed exactly as I expected. He gingerly picked at the cake, and kept the mess to a bear minimum (sorry, I couldn't resist)! When he made it clear that he was done, the little bear remained intact with only the ears missing, and I had pulled those off and hand fed them to him in order to initiate some sort of feeding frenzy. Oh, well. I suppose it was an easy clean up. It's no wonder that at 18 lbs. 12 oz. he's about to fall off the charts for weight!
Did you notice the cakes were of Sleepy Time Bear? Kind of appropriate, don't you think!

Happy birthday, little Gare-bear!

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Mandy said...

The expression on his face when you are handing him the cake is priceless!

Julie said...

What a cutie! Jacob is on the opposite side of the weight/height scale. He was around 25 pounds at 1 year. Adding a heavy cast to his bulk is brutal on my back!

Joy said...

CONGRATS on the predictable/ good sleeping schedule! He is such a sweet guy; I can't believe he's already a year old. Love the detailed cake (you're amazing)and cute Garrett photos!

Pickle said...

Again, you have wowed me with your skills! I wish you lived closer and I would hire you for my cake parties! Amazing a year has gone by...Happy B-day Garrett! And yeah for the naps and quite nights! I bet that feels great! I'm am going to miss them!