January 5, 2009


I love birthdays, especially as I get older. "Why?" you might ask. Well for one, there are more people in your life to join in on the celebration, and each year I figure out more about how to enjoy the passing of another year. For instance:

*Take time to get all "gussied-up." You'll always have to see yourself in your birthday photographs for years to come.

*Don't fight the evening rush for birthday dinner-go out to lunch (you get better service and more food for your money).

*Take your kids along. It is always more entertaining to watch them try to eat BBQ ribs.

*Oh, and relish every moment of a Sunday dinner prepared in your honor by your in-laws (thanks Steve and Judy)!

We even decided to spread the jubilee over the course of two days by going to lunch at the Goodwood Barbecue Company on Saturday and then having all the formalities of presents and cupcakes on the actual birth date. And with every year's passing, I have just one thing to say...Life is good!

This post authored by Amber


Julie said...

Happy birthday, Amber! I mentioned to Scott yesterday that it was your birthday. I always remember it! Memories from many years back, I guess!! I also remember the phone numbers of several friends from 15 years ago. Ironically, I have to go to the caller ID to call any of the numbers I currently dial :-). I hope you had a great day!!

Tahiti Chick said...

Happy Birthday Amber :)

Pickle said...

You look beautiful! And I love your advice, especially lunch with the kids!