January 24, 2009

I'd Like You to Meet Gretta

I was recently asked to be a participant in an activity that our ward's Young Men and Young Women do annually called "Where's Waldo." The premise of the game is this: A number of ward members disguise themselves and hide-out in the mall while groups of youth search the stores to find them. I've been incognito before for this game as well as participated in locating the "Waldos" and I've learned a few things that work well (and some that don't work so well). The goal is to look different without looking abnormal. Wigs are a bit of a giveaway because, unless you invest a small fortune for a good one, they can be spotted from great distances. Hats and sunglasses also have a tendency to draw immediate suspicion. Being alone is another red flag, 'cause who wants to shop at the mall alone? (Unless, of course, my other option was to go shopping with all of my boys, in which case I would rather be alone)!

My solution to these concerns was to spray my hair to create a subtle color change and style it in a teased ponytail that covered my ears. I never do my hair like that (and will likely never again. It's painful to tease!), and by covering the ears I could hide facial features that might be familiar. Another facial feature alteration came in the form of cotton balls that had been stuffed up my nose, under my upper and lower lips, and in my cheek area. Add lots of makeup, false eyelashes, and a trendy outfit and, viola! I looked like I would actually be someone who would shop at the mall. To remedy being alone, I asked my darling sister-in-law to come "shopping" with me. I also was trying to avoid getting a babysitter so I brought Garrett along, disguised as "Gretta" in clothes borrowed from my other darling sister-in-law. Here is the final outcome:

And, no! I do not think that I have caused any long term gender identity crisis for Garrett. And, yes! I think he makes an adorable little girl! At any rate, it was entertaining for the youth, which is what it's all about anyway!

This post authored by Amber


Amy said...

Wow..the cotton balls sound annoying..hats off, I think I would have been the one in the hat, spotted immediately!
We might have to try the "Where's waldo" in our YW.
And "Gretta" was a cute little girl.

CJ said...

Juliet's first question was: did they adopt another baby? Garrett looks good in pink.

Julie said...

You're awesome!!

Heather said...

I'm so glad you posted some pictures. Garrett looks darling in Addi's girlie things.What a fun activity!

Pickle said...

I love it! That is such a fun idea, and you look great! I can't believe what a cute girl he makes, didn't even know it was him until I read the post, even after looking at the cute girl and wondering who she was?

Joy said...

This is just awesome! You are so good! However, that little boy of yours will not enjoy looking back on these photos. Haha I remember year before last, you were the pregnant girl in the Where's Waldo thing. Took you a loooong time to get that baby out! :)