August 17, 2008

Where Did Three Months Go!

As impossible as it seems to me, Garrett is already three months old. While I feel he is growing up all too quickly, I am excited that he is becoming more social. I mean, who wouldn't love a smile like that! Unfortunately I cannot report that he sleeps through the night. We still have our "get-togethers" at 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. He has some definite preferences about how he should be held (usually requiring the holder to be in a standing or moving position), and he enjoys facing outward so he can see the world around him. When he's tired, though, he loves to cuddle up in his baby sling. Having him close like that helps me to fully enjoy our mother-son connection. I'll take advantage of every moment I can get of that bonding, because I know it will pass far too soon.

This post authored by Amber


Megan Conrad said...

What a cutie! There's absolutely no doubt he's a Park:)

Julie said...

Amber, he is SO cute! What an adorable little guy!! That smile is to die for. He looks like your other two. Enjoy, enjoy!

Amy said...

What a cutie! Amazing how quickly time passes..maybe that is only for adults, being a kid it seemed to drag on, and on..