August 3, 2008

Ibantik Lake - Uinta Mountains

The day after getting home from our beach vacation, I got to escape the heat and head to the high country of the Uinta mountains. The backpacking trip was a send off of sorts for a young man in our ward before he leaves on a mission. We trekked in about 4 1/2 miles to Ibantik Lake, one of the most unique lakes I've seen in the Uintas. It has a turquoise color to it, and the fish seem to take on the color of the water. The lake rests at the base of Notch Mountain which offers a beautiful backdrop, and is the home to many wild mountain goats. We cooked, we ate, we fished, and we all put our heads in a waterfall that comes straight out of a glacier. Can you say brain freeze?

Ibantik Lake Pictures

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Amy said...

I love that guys think this is fun..for a send off. Thanks for the great photos so I don't have to go there and see in person!