August 2, 2013

Tinney Flat

An overnight camping trip seemed like the perfect way for our family to wrap up our week of memorable activities.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we opted to camp somewhere relatively close to home.  I had it on good recommendation that Tinney Flat was a fantastic campsite only a forty minute drive away from our home boasting amenities such as scenic hiking, fishing, wildlife views, and vaulted toilets (among other things).  We figured we'd give it a try.  We were not disappointed, and our little jaunt up Santaquin canyon turned out to be a delightful experience for our family.

Each campsite was surrounded with a natural 
canopy offering a comfortable sense of privacy.

I'd definitely say the hiking was scenic.

We didn't take gear for fishing, but we did soak our
 feet in the river number of times.  That was nice.

Our campsite had two makeshift tree swings that were quite a hit with the children.

The paved loop through the campground was perfect for bikes and scooters.

Not only did we view the wildlife, but we fed them, too.  This deer became
 a constant visitor at our site.  The children took to calling her "Grapes" 
when it was discovered that that was what she liked to eat.

Each site was equipped with a fire ring. That is likely the location
 Garrett spent most of his time.  I'm telling you, that kid loves fire.

What would a campout be without cooking s'mores.  We took it up a notch by adding some 
peanut butter into the mix.   I may never be able to eat a plain s'more ever again.

Our camping trip also put us near a spot called "Devil's Kitchen." We couldn't resist driving a little ways up Nebo Loop to the paved trailhead that led us on a quarter-mile hike to a viewpoint that allowed us to take in views reminiscent of Bryce Canyon.  It was certainly a great way to wrap up our weeklong summer "stay-cation." We all concluded that we'd have to plan a week like that again sometime.

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