May 24, 2012

Thirty-Seven (But Who's Counting?)

This good-looking dude just had a birthday (well, over a month ago.  Yeah, I'm a little behind).  His birthday occurred not long after his once-in-a-lifetime business trip to Augusta, Georgia to view practice rounds of the 2012 Masters, among other business related activities, so we went with a golf themed celebration.

I found this recipe on a great cooking blog to try out for Jason's breakfast: Cream Cheese-Stuffed Lemon French Toast with Strawberries.  Yes.  It is as decadent as it sounds, and I am sure it is super-dooper healthy for you, too. (A girl can dream, right?) 

Jason's birthday fell on a Thursday, so we took all the kiddos out to eat that night.  After stopping at a few local restaurants that were booked due to college graduations, he decided he wanted a pastrami burger and fries at JCW's. Yummy!

We came home to have Jason open gifts and blow out his candle (with assistance from Garrett, of course) and we polished off a few cupcakes that had been made to look like a golf course. Jason's parents stopped by to wish Jason well for his birthday and helped us eat the cupcakes. 

Along with the candy and Muppet Movies DVDs, Jason was also given a special treat of a gift certificate to Hobble Creek Golf Course.

Inspiration for the cupcakes came from the book What's New, Cupcake!

And because we like to drag these things out, Jason and I went out for an evening alone to eat sushi at Shoga on Friday night.  I don't have pictures of that.  Just know that the two of us ate enough to feel uncomfortable, but that didn't keep us from forcing the complimentary cheesecake upon our full bellies. 

I love birthdays. (And I love Jason, too!)

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The Fears said...

great cake idea. I love the different textures you did with the frosting. so cute. You do so many fun things with your family. I love it. they must love it too. all that special love and attention! I am glad to know things didn't get too bad with the injuries and all are recovering! miss you guys.