January 13, 2010

One Year Older (And Wiser, Too)

I love birthdays, even if they come with the expense of getting older. I mean, what other day do you get to sleep in while somebody else fixes a pancake breakfast? Jason even gets extra credit for attempting the heart shape!

I got in a great Zumba workout in the morning before my shower and I followed that with a little cupcake baking. I experimented to create a lovely piƱa colada frosting. Once the thirty-second and final vanilla cupcake was topped (one for each year of my life), I took a nap. Yes, I said NAP! Oh, lovely day! I woke refreshed and ready for a night on the town with family. I was craving the pineapple shrimp salad with mango salsa from Bajio. Perhaps I was subconsciously tapping into my "inner islander" with all of that exotic and tropical food (and my Shakira hair, as my sister-in-law calls it). My "inner islander" was thoroughly satisfied.

And just the way I like it, the celebrating was drawn out over the course of a week with a cupcake (or two or three) a day, a bit of online shopping for new clothes, and having our family treated to lunch at The Brick Oven by Jason's parents.

It's just a horrible shame I have to wait a whole year before I turn thirty-three!

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Pickle said...

Yeah, the Shakira hair (it is beautiful I'm jealous) and you go to Zumba now, when did this start? I want to hear if you liked it? Heidi went when she was down, I think it was to much shaking for her. So what did you think? And happy birthday, I'll do better at being on time next year! Yummy cupcakes, maybe I'll glad we don't live closer because I would want to eat those everyday!

Joy said...

You made your own birthday cupcakes!?! I guess that's how it goes when you're the mom. :) Glad you had a fun and relaxing b-day! And where do you do Zumba? I am trying to decide if I want to join a gym or get a piece of equipment like an elliptical to stay in shape. Tell me what works for you-- you look great!

Liz Adams said...

Happy Birthday Girlfriend! I hope you had a wonderful 32nd birthday! It's amazing that we used to think that was so old. It looks like you had a super fun day. Miss you! Love the hair! Love Liz

Julie said...

You make 32 look good!
Love ya,