November 14, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Hard to believe another Halloween has come and gone. This year the boys wanted to both be Spiderman, so Amber and I just had to worry about ourselves. Amber was an '80s Homecoming Queen and I was God's gift to women (the tag says "To: Women From: God"). Amber found the idea on the internet.

We took the boys to my work to trick or treat around the office. The only way to go. They get more candy doing that than going around the neighborhood. At the costume contest they gave away the blow up decorations and Brevin got called up on stage to receive the goblin treasure chest. This is the second blow up he's won at my work.

That night Amber and I took turns manning the door and taking the boys around the neighborhood. They were tired after an hour of walking around which was fine by me. It was a fun Halloween and as I type this realize that Thanksgiving is next week!

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